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Advice On Different Types Of Custom Orthotics From Nonsurgical Foot Specialists

Advice On Different Types Of Custom Orthotics From Nonsurgical Foot Specialists

If you have been considering wearing custom orthotics in Oshawa to help alleviate foot pain, you’re not alone. There are many options available, including prescription orthotics, soft and semirigid orthotics, braces, and even a custom-made pair of socks. But what should you know before you make your decision? Here’s some advice from nonsurgical foot specialists. Read on to learn about the various types of orthotics available.

Prescription orthotics:

Nonsurgical foot specialists can prescribe custom orthotics to treat structural problems in the feet. These devices slide into the shoes and provide extra cushioning. Custom orthotics are more expensive than mass-produced shoe inserts, but they are made to fit a person’s foot and last for years. Prescription orthotics are also covered by insurance, making them a viable option for patients with certain conditions.

Soft orthotics:

Soft orthotics are devices worn on the feet that help relieve pressure on sore areas, enhance balance, and reduce stress on tired feet. They are an excellent option for people with deformed feet, flat feet, or arthritic conditions. They are made of soft materials and may be worn in conjunction with athletic footwear. Nonsurgical foot specialists recommend soft orthotics for children who are just learning to walk. These devices can be fitted directly into children’s athletic shoes or standard shoes.

Semirigid orthotics:

In a recent study, custom-made semirigid foot orthotics reduced global measures of pain and disability by up to 75%. These results are encouraging, and suggest that these foot orthotics may be an effective, cost-effective intervention. Furthermore, custom-made semirigid foot orthotics are made to accommodate the individual’s unique needs and can reduce pain during walking while allowing for a range of motion.


Unlike generic orthotics that are mass-produced to fit the average foot, custom orthotics are designed specifically for each patient. Not only do they offer a superior fit and better shock absorption, but they can help with conditions ranging from arthritis to flat feet. These benefits make custom orthotics a worthwhile investment for many people.


There are many different reasons why people get custom orthotics for bunions. They not only offer support but can also prevent deformity progression and provide pain relief. Nonsurgical foot specialists can recommend custom orthotics for bunions if you do not have a surgical treatment option available. Nonsurgical foot specialists will provide you with advice on custom orthotics for bunions to prevent further deformity.

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